Why I choose to take Dreamtrips!

img_2882About eighteen months ago, Mike and I were introduced to a holiday concept called Dreamtrips. We had no idea what it meant, but we liked the title and thought we would look further into it. Many of my friends have often asked in passing what Dreamtrips are all about but I thought I’d share a few key reasons of why we love this award winning travel concept.

Our very first Dreamtrip was a $69 cruise out of California. For that price we expected nothing more! We were stoked to be taking a cruise for that amazing price, when our last cruise cost over two grand each. (disclaimer: the cruise ended up being $89 each because we chose to upgrade to an outside cabin).

From the minute we got out of our shuttle to get on the cruise, the Dreamtrip kicked into gear. Each Dreamtrip you take, comes with your very own hosts. These hosts make your trip so much better. They are there for every need, advice on where to eat, places to see and they even help out with the kids. So our hosts were Gill and Cindy and as soon as they introduced themselves to us, they noticed Jack had a sling on. They immediately ushered us past the massive boarding lines of people, through a VIP entrance and we were on the ship, having our first cocktail within fifteen minutes. The hosts also sent us complimentary cookies for when we arrived in our room and they threw a massive VIP party with free drinks and stacks of prizes. From this holiday onwards, we were hooked on taking Dreamtrips, instead of normal holidays.

Another reason we love Dreamtrips is because almost everything is included. You don’t have to worry about organising excursions, check ins, transfers etc. It’s all sorted by Dreamtrips. It makes traveling so much easier.

The inclusions on a Dreamtrip are out of this world! When we took our Dreamtrip to Disneyworld we received the following inclusions for no extra cost: Free villa upgrade, from a two bedroom to three, $160 resort credit, daily breakfast, entry to Disneyworld including fast passes to skip the lines on a few rides. A VIP dinner at Planet Hollywood, and the kids were free. I can’t even remember what else was included but all of these extras were included in the one, cost effective package! Amazing!

The Hamilton Island Dreamtrip included: Airport transfers, a kite for the kids, a bottle of Moet, two dinners, breakfast each day, $200 resort credit, a trip to Whitehaven Beach and a trip to the Great Barrier Reef and the kids were free. I think you get the point!

The total cost of a Dreamtrip is often less than you would normally pay for accommodation alone so it is definitely worth it.

If you’re a member of Dreamtrips, I would love to see your comments on what you love about our trips or why you joined this awesome club.

I could go on and on about how amazing Dreamtrips are. If you haven’t taken one, you should really check it out. www.TimeToTravel.com.au

Until next time,