Is four too young to start school?

img_5118It feels like the last four years have gone so quickly. I have gone from rocking my four year old Jack to sleep as a newborn, to having to make some big decisions about his schooling and future. Where has the time gone??

So my first born is what you would call a sensitive child. He has always been some what cautious and a little anxious at times. He’s also charming and funny and a little cheeky so I find it to be a pretty good balance. He has struggled with separation anxiety and daycare drop offs haven’t always been fun…who am I kidding? They have NEVER been fun! He also struggles with change and takes a long time to adapt to something new. These reasons alone made me question if sending him to school next year would be a great idea or not.

I started asking around and many of my friends and family had regretted sending their kids early, also some said their kids were fine. I think it depends on each individual child.

Another factor is that Jack is a May baby so he would be one of the youngest in the year. If he had a different personality, this probably wouldn’t be an issue, but I feel that being the shy, anxious little man he is, it probably wouldn’t be the best idea starting him at four.

I think holding him back now while he hasn’t developed any real friendships or connections would also be much more beneficial than him having to repeat his first year of school. I could imagine spending five full days with the same kids would build some pretty tight friendships, so it would be tough watching them all move to another area and classroom.

I want Jack to be more self assured, more confident. I want him to be able to concentrate in class and to be able to follow instructions properly. I think in the extra year we have, Jack will also be able to develop his emotional maturity and also his anxiety wont be as challenging.

There are so many things to consider and the more research I have done, the more certain I am with holding Jack back a year. Who knows what will happen with Jasmine. She’s totally opposite to Jack so she will probably be begging me to send her to school! Obviously this is my personal opinion and each to their own. All kids are different but I thought I would share my two cents on the matter anyway! Who knows if it is the right thing to do but I am confident it’s the right choice for Jack.

Feel free to comment with your thoughts on this topic .

Until next time,