Five different uses for Baby Wipes

I am a little obsessed with baby wipes and I use them in so many different ways. If you are someone who is a little left of centre like me, then this post might give you some tips on different ways to use wipes. If you are reading along thinking I’m slightly crazy and that baby wipes should only be used for babies, then this post might not be for you. Below are five different uses for baby wipes.

  1. Make up remover.

This is my favourite! I got told that baby wipes remove make up so long ago but didn’t really try it until about a year ago. I can’t stand make up remover. I always seem to get it in my eyes and it definitely doesn’t tickle. Baby wipes are a great way to remove your makeup easily. They are so handy for traveling too. If you want to clean your face and there’s no sink, just uses a wipe and freshen up with some moisturiser and you feel so much better.

  1. Cleaning the car.

I leave a packet of baby wipes in the glove box and it makes cleaning the car so much easier. While my car is being washed, I spend the same amount of time wiping down the console, steering wheel, doors etc. They even work for glass (however I use a cloth to buff the glass afterwards so there are no streaks)

  1. Cleaning shoes.

Wipes are so good to use to clean the kids shoes with. They shine them up and remove marks. They make an ordinary job a lot easier to do in a short amount of time.

  1. Cleaning the house.

Baby wipes make cleaning so much easier! I use them EVERYWHERE. I clean my whole kitchen, fridge, microwave, sinks etc. with wipes and a little bit of spray. Also use them for a quick spot clean of the whole house including dusting, bathrooms, toilets, doors, and walls. Seriously guys….they work on everything! I am a bit OCD so this is a hygienic way of cleaning and I love it.

  1. Cleaning chalk boards.

Something so simple as cleaning a chalkboard should be a quick job, however I never used to be able to clean it properly. The chalk would just smudge around and it wouldn’t look good, no matter how many times I would dust it off. Using baby wipes removes all the excess chalk and makes it nice and clean again, only to be messed up within seconds! #mumlife

So I hope you’ve picked up a couple of tips for different ways to use baby wipes. If you are like me and use them often, please comment below with your top tip!


Until next time,