Daddy dates!

jack and daddy time

We are such a chaotic, busy family. I’m always chasing my tail and wishing I had more time in a day and a few more days in the week. Over the last year we haven’t been in the best routine and I noticed with all of the late nights, weeks away and constant craziness that we call life, Jacks behaviour had been a little bit different. His attitude was in full force, melting down over silly things and he just didn’t seem settled. His Dad has been working our travel biz and it’s great that it’s going so well, but he hasn’t been home every night to play and read stories, so I think Jack was starting to crave some extra attention. I’ve read so many times that kids tend to muck up more when they aren’t getting what they need, so we decided to start trying to fit in Daddy Dates! It doesn’t happen every weekend, but when we are home, Mike has started taking the kids on little individual Daddy Dates. Since doing this Jack has become a lot happier and more confident (because it’s not always Mummy and Jazzie with him). He feels like he gets special time with his daddy and it’s great for their father, son bonding. Jaz loves her Daddy Date time too. I also do something with the child Mike isn’t with so they get one on one time with me too, which is nice. Some things Mike has done for Daddy Dates include movies, sushi train, built a herb garden, time zone, haircuts and ice creams and he now takes Jack once a week to Karate lessons for some extra bonding time. There are so many activites you could do and even just a bike ride or walk around the block would be a great start. Kids are just happy to be spending quality time with their loved ones. I really feel this is important for the kids and although it doesn’t happen every single weekend, we try to do it when we are home. I also think this would be great for Nanas, Aunties, Uncles and other adult role models that are close to your children. We have noticed a massive change in Jack and I really recommend one on time for all of our kids.

Until next time,