An Open Letter To My Highly Sensitive Child

dscf8095Jack… you are my kind hearted, caring, shy four year old first born. It has taken me a little while to learn how to understand you. It has sometimes been a challenge being your mum, but you have taught me so much as a parent and because of you I am becoming a more compassionate, patient person and I am so grateful.

I used to worry about how your life would be. I worried that you would be too anxious and scared to make friends. I worried that you would be the child that got picked on at school. I worried that you would be too scared to speak to people and would struggle your whole life in social situations. One day, I just stopped worrying and realised that it was up to your dad and I to raise you and help you develop into the best version of yourself you can be. Just because you are sensitive, doesn’t mean you will struggle at all. I started to realise that you can be whatever you want to be. I promise you, we will always boost you up. We will always allow you to follow your dreams. If you are scared, we will encourage you to face your fears and become stronger. Being sensitive is a great quality. You will always be the kid that is compassionate. If someone falls, you will be the first person to help them up. You will always have your little sisters back. She will always have a big brother to look up to. You will always treat women with respect and you will be kind and caring.

I will continue working on your confidence and self esteem. Even though at four, you have no idea that each day I incorporate little things into your life that will help you to always believe in yourself and love the person you are. Each night we do our affirmations, I always add in ones that will specifically help you thrive and belive in yourself. I always make sure you get your time to speak, even though your sister is so full of confidence. I promise I will never let her over shadow you. Even though you are both so different, you are both as amazing and equal as each other.

Lastly, I promise to be brave and fearless. I know you are a lot like me and I was a scared, anxious person. I am working on this daily, constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone because I know you are watching me. If I show fear, you will be scared too. But if I show courage and confidence, I know you will see that and want to do the same.

Do not change for anyone Jack. People might tell you that you are too soft, or sooky, but they don’t know the real you. The Jack I know is kind, loving, funny, happy, loveable, cheeky and fun. I love you just the way you are and I am so proud to call you my son x