The Two Books That Every New Mum Should Read

img_6236Becoming a new mum is one of the scariest, hardest, most challenging times. I remember when I became a mum a few years ago, I had no clue what to expect. I never felt ‘ready’ and I was a fish out of water.

I remember wanting to learn as much as I could and crammed as much ‘research’ in as possible. Even after becoming a mum, I still kept reading all of the perfect parenting books about how to get your kid to sleep through, what they should be doing, what is best for them…it was endless!

I read the highly recommended Save Our Sleep and did none of what they suggested. All reading that book made me do was feel like a failure and I found myself questioning my parenting beliefs even more than I should have been. Of course that book is widely popular, but for me it just didn’t help. Each to their own of course. I think the next book I tackled was the No Cry Sleep Solution and again all it did was make me feel inadequate and less of a mum for not being strong enough to follow the perfect parenting structure.

I remember when I bought these two books, I was initially so excited because it was going to have all of the answers and my kids would sleep perfectly, achieve all their milestones and be perfect little humans.

Fast forward to a couple of years later and I would never recommend any structured parenting or sleep training books to any new mums. This gig is hard enough and putting more pressure on ourselves to be perfect, is the last thing new mums need. Our babies will develop when they are ready. They will sleep through the night when they are ready and they are only small for a little while.

The two books I am recommending today are real, honest, raw and hilarious. Their authors… the fabulous Em Rusciano and Constance Hall and they are both amazing role models for mothers. Thankfully Facebook is a platform where we can find wonderful humans like Em and Constance. I first saw Em back on Idol years ago but have been following her on Facebook for a while because she always writes entertaining and funny posts and I try to keep things on my newsfeed that are positive and make me feel good. I first came across Constance through a post a friend shared and I feel like she is so relatable to most mums out there. Both these lady legends keep things extremely real and their books don’t disappoint. Em’s is called Try Hard and Constance’s is called Like A Queen! They don’t care if they are judged or laughed at and they are happy to stand out and have a voice for the challenges that many mothers go through and are too scared to discuss. They parent and live their lives the way that is right for them. They are inspiring because they are both confident and honest and don’t hold back when sharing stories of their parenting years and the challenges they have faced. 

The reason I love these books is because they make all mums feel that we are doing a good job. We are the first to judge ourselves on how we do life and how we are parenting, but both of these ladies make us feel like we are doing a great job. And they make it sound like it’s ok to have a drink or two! Love that!

I have never read two books more quickly back to back. I just knew they would be awesome because it’s the first time I have actually used a bookmark instead of folding the corners down to save the page. I knew I would want these books in good condition to pass around to all my mum friends and have started doing that already.

Please, if you know of any mums or anyone about to become a mum, buy them these books. They will be something they can read when they aren’t winning or feeling that great! They will be uplifting, entertaining and will definitely make them feel like they are doing ok!

If you know of any mums that could benefit from these books please share or tag them in this post!

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Why I will go back to Dreamworld!


dreamworldI’m sure everyone was just as devastated and shocked at what happened at Dreamworld last week. I never watch the news or read articles that pop up on my news feed, but this one was a little close to home. Like many, I had been on the Thunder River Rapids ride several times. It was the ride I loved the most. I was always one of those people that used to be scared of all the big rollercoasters and extreme rides and the water based rapid rides were always my favourite because the possibility of dying on those rides was very low…or so I thought. I was so shocked with what happened and over the last week, it has been on my mind many times.

I have also seen so many people commenting and saying how they will never go back to Dreamworld ever again.

I am not trying to take anything away from what happened, because it was truly heartbreaking, however I personally will be standing by Dreamworld and will be going there as planned in December with my family if it is reopened by then. And this is why (in my opinion)…

To me it was a one off FREAK accident (and I really hope it turns out to be that). This could have happened at Disneyland or any major theme park. From what I have read, Dreamworld serviced the ride in September and obviously all of the facts aren’t out there yet, but I do believe they would certainly have followed the correct protocol for their maintenance programs.

I also feel bad for the staff that are a part of the Dreamworld family. If people don’t go back to Dreamworld, many of their workers will loose their jobs. They are people just like you and me. They have families to support and food to put on the table. Our repeat business will keep these people in a job. It is not their fault this tragedy happened.

Another reason we will be going back is because my kids absolutely love Dreamworld. It is a happy place for them and they love ABC kids world, the tigers, the Madagascar section and also Whitewater world.

And finally, personally as an anxious person, I am constantly pushing myself to not live in fear. The old Sam might have been someone who wouldn’t have gone back to Dreamworld, but the new Sam is someone who lives life to the fullest knowing that when your time’s up, your time’s up. I have been overseas several times and have had friends say how dangerous it is to travel at the moment. The same people are happy to sit at home, feeling safe, but I am always willing to live life to the fullest and we have been experiencing amazing things along the way.

I don’t want to take anything away from the devastating loss and the trauma the families of the victims will be going through. I would love to see Dreamworld remove the ride at cause and put in place a memorial garden or butterfly sanctuary or something to remember them by. My heart goes out to their loved ones during this time. This is another example to show us that we have to live our life and be grateful for the time we get with our loved ones, because we never know when it will be up.


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